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Advanced Energies Africa are in the know of South Africa’s energy supply capacity, and of the country’s future energy requirements.

We also understand the needs of individual users of electricity. This, combined with our experience in the field, enable us to custom design and provide operational-ready solar power and supplementary systems that ensure guaranteed power and consistent uptime. This, especially, offers the benefit of driving down the cost of business ownership in the long term.

Our end-to-end approach offers a single point of contact and provides for the entirety of each project. This includes:

Surveys and site audits

Submission of reports and proposals

Supplying, installing, and commissioning the systems agreed upon

Ongoing system maintenance, upgrades and support, based upon service level agreements

Our company profile offers a summary of what we offer.


Advanced Energies Africa’s head office is in Paarl in the Western Cape.  The company boasts a comprehensive staff component of team members skilled in new project design and deployment, operations, systems maintenance, and client support. It also offers guidance in terms of financing options available for solar energy solutions.


Advanced Energies Africa have detailed industry and product knowledge, hands-on experience of the design, installation and commissioning of solar energy solutions, and a dedicated workforce to get things done. The company is aligned with the top manufacturers in the industry and qualified to work with the products and technologies they offer.

At Advanced Energies Africa each project receives focused attention to ensure 100% compliance to specifications, and even more than that in customer satisfaction. It, furthermore, offers best-in-class products and industry-leading warranties to provide you with the assurance that your solar energy solution is a secure investment.


* Advanced Energies Africa is a member of SAPVIA (the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association), a member-led organisation formed with the express purpose of delivering a solar PV powered future for South Africa.

Our solar energy solutions offer a range of benefits:

Independency as far as the supply of electricity goes.

Improving your lifestyle and offering substantial savings on electricity costs if you are a homeowner.

Driving down the cost of business ownership and increasing your business’s profitability if you are a business owner.

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