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Advanced Energies Africa offer the following
application and technology solutions:

Advanced Energies Africa offer the following application and technology solutions:

Battery energy storage solutions (BESS)

These solutions capture energy in the form of electricity from different sources, accumulates this energy, and stores it in rechargeable batteries for later use. Electricity stored in this way can be used as reserve electricity supply during power outages or load shedding, as supplementary electricity supply in solar energy systems when the sun is not shining, or in installations in areas where the grid is unreliable or interrupted frequently. Battery storage can also be used for peak load shifting or energy arbitrage – a technique in which power is bought at lower electricity tariffs during off-peak hours and stored whilst grid-connected – to be used when required during peak periods with higher electricity tariffs, thereby saving money. 

Photovoltaic (PV) systems

Photovoltaic (PV) systems – also referred to as solar energy systems – generate electricity by harnessing the power of the sun and converting light to usable electricity. These systems can be grid-tied (i.e., connected to the electrical grid), or off-grid. A typical PV system consists of solar panels, a mounting structure (rooftop, ground mount, tracker, car port or floating solar), one or more inverters, and grid connection equipment, the latter only applicable to grid-tied systems.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems with battery energy storage

These systems are similar to the photovoltaic (PV) systems described above, but have battery energy storage solutions added to them to offer a comprehensive electricity supply solution, and a high degree of flexibility. This combination allows users to generate solar energy for real-time use, and has the capacity to store surplus energy for later use, depending on user requirements.  

AC networks

AC networks are privately-owned reticulation and distribution networks over entire facilities. It serves, amongst others, to distribute renewable energy or emergency power. Typical equipment that are part of such networks could include medium voltage (MV) or low voltage (LV) switchgear, MV/LV overhead or underground cables, transformers, ring main units, and protection devices. 

Micro grids

Micro grids are small, scalable electricity networks with a local source of supply. They are usually linked to a national grid, but can also function independently i.e., grid-tied and off-grid.

Management systems for load control in buildings

These load control management systems monitor and manage the mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical services in buildings or facilities. This could include power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, access control, elevators and lights.


Advanced Energies Africa offer a wide range of power generators in different electrical and physical configurations to generate electricity on site, together with hardware and software to manage these generators. This could include, amongst others, systems to synchronize to mains to ensure soft load transfer in a controlled fashion when the load is transferred to the generators to prevent a dip in power, or to provide for solar and generator co-generation. In the latter case a minimum load is always maintained on the generator to prevent carbon glazing – internal carbon build-up due to prolonged periods of running at low speeds and/or low loads. This technology saves on fuel by offsetting diesel with clean, renewable power.

LED lighting

Energy-efficient lighting with the added benefit of producing a low amount of heat, and offering directionally light-emission. Ideal for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. 

Upgrades, extensions, and retrofits

Advanced Energies Africa offer this service to extend the lifetime of power electronics products and systems. This includes hardware and software upgrades, modernising of older installations, and adding functionality that was not part of an original installation.

Support and maintenance 

This Advanced Energies Africa service – covered in individual service level agreements – includes all the tasks involved in monitoring, checking, and repairing the systems that provide electricity to residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings and complexes, agriculture, and mining. 

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