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Why use Advanced Energies Africa

1. Helping you to drive down the cost of business ownership

Investing in the right solar PV and battery energy storage solutions will improve your business’s financial performance, as it avoids financial losses that arise from downtime due to cuts in electricity supply. It also offers savings on the cost of electricity when buying and storing electricity during off-peak periods at off-peak rates, to be used later during peak-rate periods. This, however, requires a long-term approach in which the longevity of the solution will outperform the value of the initial investment made.

With Advanced Energies Africa this is possible, as we develop systems relevant to the client’s needs, only use premium hardware from world-class suppliers, and employ top installation teams to ensure the integrity of the systems we install. We won’t compromise on what is at stake in our line of work – to give you control over your electricity supply and the cost of the electricity you use. Such control is vital to be able to drive down the cost of business ownership and to increase its profitability.

Why use Advanced Energies Africa

2. Aligned with world-class suppliers

The electricity solutions we offer can only be as good as the hardware and systems we install. We, therefore, partner with the leading suppliers in our field, and only acquire and supply the best that is available for the demanding requirements of our industry. Our vendors include, amongst others, Victron Energy (The Netherlands), Tesla and Solar Edge (USA), Canadian Solar (Canada), Solar MD (South Africa), Sunsynk (Hong Kong) and JA Solar Technology (China).

Due to our stringent installation procedures, the lifecycle of our infrastructure in general exceeds industry standards. At the same time, industry-leading warranties on our systems and components provide peace of mind and trouble-free ownership. Ongoing firmware and software updates on software-based products, furthermore, ensure that equipment performs according to the latest specifications.

Why use Advanced Energies Africa

3. Qualified and experienced to do the job

We are duly qualified and have collective experience of more than 10 decades in the field of solar and supplementary energy solutions. This already gives us a head start in terms of the design and implementation of projects of this nature. At the same time, we make it our priority to remain up to date with the latest advancements in hardware and technology in a world of ever-changing technological innovation, and to stay abreast with ongoing improvements in the systems we install. This enables us to offer appropriate guidance during consultation with our clients, and to provide particularly effective solutions to their solar energy needs.

Why use Advanced Energies Africa

4. Customer-focused solutions

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach in terms of solar energy solutions. The fact that electricity demand differs from user to user – even at different times during the day at specific user locations – means that user-specific, bespoke solutions are essential.

We therefore make it our business to engage in detail with our clients to truly understand their requirements, and to offer comprehensive solutions that will remain effective and sustainable over time. This helps us to approach solar installations per site in a logical sequence:

• starting off by offsetting as much energy as possible without oversizing the system;
• followed by expanding the system to obtain maximum performance and efficiency; and
• winding up, adding suitable energy storage systems.

This phased and modular approach ensures scalability and optimum system performance, based upon each individual client’s specific needs.

Why use Advanced Energies Africa

5. Detailed focus on each project

We dedicate installation teams to specific projects when we do new installations. This allows them to prepare properly, to ensure the availability of all system components, and to have a full focus on each project, from the start until completion.

This approach has several benefits – we give attention to detail, complete projects within reduced time frames, and cause the least disruption to our clients’ business operations.

Why use Advanced Energies Africa

6. Employees who live our ethos and brand

We select and employ only the best who are available in the labour market, and train them properly. We, furthermore, give ongoing guidance to ensure each employee understands and concurs with the Advanced Energies Africa way of doing things, and practices it to the full during their daily tasks. In this way our workforce has become the backbone of our business, recognised for its performance and the high standard of service we offer.

We continuously invest in our staff to ensure personal growth and job satisfaction, and we advance personnel from within the business as far as possible. We especially enjoy the way in which our clients love our crews when on site, and trust them with the investment in solar energy installations they’re making.

Why use Advanced Energies Africa

7. Helping you to make the calculations

As with any investment, a detailed financial analysis of all energy solution options that are available is required upfront when considering an investment in solar PV. We help our clients with this by giving guidance on cost estimates, and assisting them with financial projections to identify scenarios that would offer the best return on investment. We can also assist with obtaining financing, as we are aligned with several private financiers, as well as with the major banks.

In addition, we offer innovative solutions to suit specific operational and balance sheet requirements without the expense of an upfront capital layout, or having to invest in system ownership. These include Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), lease-to-own agreements, and energy wheeling. Please see our Finance Options page for more details.

Why use Advanced Energies Africa

We are highly satisfied with Advanced Energies Africa’s service. They have a long-term approach and consider each client’s unique requirements. We look forward to a lasting relationship with them.

Matthew Britz, Graaff Fruit
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