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Graaff Fruit

Graaff Fruit are producers of top-quality stone fruit, pome fruit and table grapes. The company is driven by progressive innovation and have a well-defined company culture of providing their customers with the best possible fruit in every aspect. 

We invested in a solar PV system – designed and installed by Advanced Energies Africa – to further strengthen our commitment to implementing and supporting sustainable methods of farming that minimise wastage and preserve the environment. This investment led to lowering our electricity consumption levels from the national grid. Apart from the subsequent financial savings, it especially contributes to lower carbon emissions and the reduction of our carbon footprint.

We are highly satisfied with Advanced Energies Africa’s service. They have a long-term approach and consider each client’s unique requirements. We look forward to a lasting relationship with them.

Matthew Britz

Alzu Agri

Alzu Enterprises is a primary agricultural business, involved in the farming of maize, poultry and pork.  Alzu is also involved in the manufacturing of animal feed and has a Beefmaster stud.  

We took a decision to invest into green renewable energy due to the many advantages of solar production, including saving on our electricity bill, as well as being more eco-friendly and having a lesser impact on the environment. Our milling and poultry operations benefit directly from our plant installed on the farm.  

Advanced Energies Africa did our solar PV installation and are also contracted to maintain the plant.  We are pleased with their professional service and their highly effective communication.

Jacques Stapelberg

Alzu Petroport N4

Alzu Petroport N4 is a fuel station situated on the N4 Highway between Middelburg and Belfast in Mpumalanga. It offers much more than just a fuel service. It has a rather unique main attraction – game watching with the likes of rhino, Cape buffalo, and many other game species. It also offers a range of restaurants which includes well-known brands such as Spur, Nando’s, Mugg & Bean, Bonjour and more.

Our commitment to contribute towards sustainability and a cleaner planet for all, formed the basis for our decision to invest in a solar PV plant. This plant led to becoming more independent as far as electricity supply goes, it offers substantial saving on our electricity bill, and – most important – contributes towards reducing our carbon footprint. Due to the visibility of the plant to the public when visiting Alzu Petroport, it also creates an awareness of solar energy with the public, and markets the concept to South Africans. 

We are very happy with Advanced Energies Africa who installed our plant, and who also maintains it. They have a proactive approach and sound communication, and are immediate availability in case we need them. Their friendly service and efficient support are certainly unmatched!

Johan van Rensburg


Goosebumps (Pty) Ltd manufactures a range of frozen dough and confectionary products for the wholesale and retail bakery sector in South and Southern Africa.

We installed a solar PV system to become more independent from Eskom as the only supplier of electricity. Besides now being able to run production during loadshedding and the obvious cost saving on our electricity account, the system has given us the springboard to add further to this network over time.

Although our relationship with Advanced Energies Africa who did the installation is fairly new, our first impressions are positive. The regular contact and follow-up from their service centre with us as a client is refreshing and pleasing. 

Leon Myburgh

Doornkraal Agri

Doornkraal Agri farms produce and pack pome fruit in the Witzenberg Valley in the Ceres region.

We decided to install a solar PV system as we were looking for more sustainable energy sources. Such a facility also decreases our carbon footprint which makes our products more marketable for export markets such as the UK and EU.

We currently have three sources of energy – generator, solar and Eskom – which mitigates our risks and cut down on energy consumption from the national grid. This saves us a lot of money.

We are happy with the service we receive from Advanced Energise Africa which includes having done the installation, as well as an ongoing system monitoring and maintenance service. 

Jannes van Zyl

Residential installations

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